In a reality where everything is in constant evolution, our programs are no exception. To create life-changing experiences and encounters is our duty. We are here to support students, faculties, academic institutions and the private sector getting to the best options available for a meaningful customized itinerary.

We base our programs on experiential learning as a key driver for future employability and participation, combining the best of what local academia has to offer with extra-curricular learning and student services.

Our network and long-standing relationships with local faculties, influencers and universities opens doors to creative academic options. Networks are there to create opportunities and we love to be your connector. Get in touch with us and we will explore the best opportunities together!

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship
in the Start Up Nation


Can you get an entire country to become entrepreneurs? Well, almost. Israel is actually one of the most productive countries in the world.


There are over 6,000 startups currently in Israel and more than 30 technology companies valued over US$1 billion (unicorn startups) more than all of Europe combined.


Just some of the most relevant inventions that were created in this Innovation hub are:


The World´s smallest video camera that changed medicine for ever, the pressure bandage, USB flash driver, the laser keyboard, many (but many) intel processors, the Iron Dome, the Cherry Tomato, Drip irrigation system, Waze, Soda Stream, Smartphone dual lens technology, Watergen, that makes water from air. Just to give you an idea…


This program serves as a learning laboratory where students get inspired and explore ideas related to innovation and impact.


Are you a faculty or a study abroad office? We can tailor made your Innovation itinerary according to your needs. Just get in touch with us to start up your program. We have many options available and we will be happy to share them with you.

Faculty and International Education Community


We organize itineraries, exploratory visits and networking opportunities for faculty and International Education professionals.

Our network is one of our most valuable assets and we want to share it with you.

Let us help you get to the right opportunities and arrange meaningful meetings for you.

Faculty Led Programs


We are driven to offer more than a standard Faculty Led Program.


To personally support students and faculties is our duty. The program begins long before travel. In our pre-arrival process, we work together with faculties and institutions to build the group, define the program, deliver trainings and ensure students and staff are familiar with the culture, protocols and support strategies. We like to use the best technology has to offer and never underestimate the power of a good pre-arrival program.


On site, beside all our basic services, we are proud of our intercultural communication trainings and debriefings where we take the time to help students embodying the achieved new skills with their future in mind.

Language programs


Arabic and Hebrew academic programs in various levels in Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, Modern Standard Arabic, and Colloquial Arabic are available for credit or not for credit in Summer, Fall and Spring. Customized language programs are available anytime.


By joining our Language Programs, you get access to different conversation and cultural events designed to practice your skills and enjoy new communication opportunities.

Honors, Alumni and Board of Trustees


The IC Center has many years of experience traveling with different, fascinating people from around the world that actively continue to learn and influence. We really enjoy the whole process of create, deliver and support unique programs for unique people.

Support Program for independent students


Are you a Direct enrollment student abroad and you want to organize your academic journey by yourself? 


We offer on-site individual support and give you a hand in all the additional aspects of your academic experience such as individual focused intercultural training, logistics, housing arrangement, communication with host university, mental health support, and an on-demand co-curricular program with tours and meaningful encounters.


This is a student-oriented service and is available for the pre-arrival, on-site and re-entry phase. We will love to e-meet you to let you know all the details of your customized option.

Understanding Borders Programs

Borders that divide. Borders that unite.


In order to understand the actual world and the complexity of hard and soft borders that impact so many lives, we created this program where we explore seam lines, where different models of cohabitation coping with political and cultural challenges at stake in different locations. In this educational travel, a full-time Program Coordinator and a Traveling Lecturer are joining your group, offering general and learning support, to make this special program a valuable academic experience. 


Nicosia / Cyprus

Minimum program length: Three days

Guaranteed by UN peace-keeping forces, divided Nicosia, the capital, softened some years ago the inner frontier. This offers an amazing opportunity to explore two communities living side by side, alternating face-to-face with back-to-back.


Independent since 1960, and after a long struggle with Great Britain, Cyprus faced the problems of a divided population, a large majority with ties with neighboring Greece and a minority with ties with Turkey. This led to the first war between two members of NATO in 1974, and the division of the island with a hard border, facing massive displacement of populations.


In this program, as in all our Understanding Borders Programs, our traveling Lecturer will introduce you to every historical aspect of the site and to answer your questions, you will explore the city and cross borders together with our local guide, a renowned journalist and peace activist, join a lecture on geopolitics and peace resolution and enjoy the Cyprian yummy food in a Mediterranean atmosphere.



Minimum program length: Three days

A program full of curiosities. When members of the Spanish Royal family sail and pass nearby Gibraltar, they turn their back to this British stronghold.


The completion of the Brexit creates another curious situation of a land border with the EU. But the issue also raises and amplifies the cases of Spanish strongholds in Northern Africa.


In this program, as in all our Understanding Borders Programs, our traveling Lecturer will be there for you to introduce you to every historic aspect of the site and to answer your questions,  you will explore the area with our local guide and enjoy the food, beautiful landscapes, people and a very unique culture.



Minimum program length: One week

Holy to the three Abrahamic religions, at the crossroad of civilizations, with over 3 thousand years of documented history, Jerusalem is for many the quintessential example of a city, were a soft border replaced what used to be a very hard border between 1948 and 1967.


The seam line offers an opportunity to see in less than a mile, the contrasts of several cultures living abreast of each other: Moslems and Jews, Jewish new immigrants and Jewish indigenous, Arabs with bonds to the Palestinian Authority with Israeli Arabs, Orthodox Jews and lay Jews, to mention a few.


The streets of this city talk, and they are telling different narratives of its inhabitants, showing the fascinating mosaic of identities.


In this program, as in all our Understanding Borders Programs, our traveling Lecturer will be there for you to introduce you to every historic aspect of the site and to answer your questions,  you will explore the culture, life, food and people of one of the most diverse and intense cities in the world.


Vatican City

Minimum program length: Three days or as a part of your Rome Experience.

The smallest of all states, with an area of barely 0.20 sq. m. Vatican City is surrounded by Rome, the Italian capital. It took more than half a century of negotiations to establish the treaties that allow the coexistence of two sovereign entities with a soft border.


The Lateran Treaties are considered a masterpiece in solving conflicts, to the point that many don´t even think about Rome, the Eternal, as a divided city. Nonetheless, several stitches are visible in the seam line. Highlighting them, will allow a better understanding of the special status and the role of the Church in Italian politics.


In this program, as in all our Understanding Borders Programs, our traveling Lecturer will be there for you to introduce you to every historic aspect of the site and to answer your questions, we will explore the insides with a local guide and enjoy the delicious Italian food in an absolute delicious intercultural experience.