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In a reality where everything is in constant evolution, our programs are no exception. To create life-changing experiences and encounters is our duty. We are here to support students, faculties, academic institutions and the private sector getting to the best options available for a meaningful customized itinerary.

We base our programs on experiential learning as a key driver for future employability and participation, combining the best of what local academia has to offer with extra-curricular learning and student services.

Our network and long-standing relationships with local faculties, influencers and universities opens doors to creative academic options. Networks are there to create opportunities and we love to be your connector. Get in touch with us and we will explore the best opportunities together!

Our Programs

All of our programs are fully customizable.
Do you have an idea, topic, or special requests?
We are here to listen at

Our programs are available in English- Spanish- Hebrew, and Arabic.

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Understanding Borders Program

In order to understand the actual world and the complexity of hard and soft borders that impact so many lives, we created this program where we explore seam lines, where different models of cohabitation cope with political and cultural challenges at stake in different locations. Borders that divide. Borders that unite.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

Can you get an entire country to become entrepreneurs? Well, almost. Israel is actually one of the most productive countries in the world when it comes to start-ups. Get inspired by exploring innovation and impact with us!


Language Programs (Arabic, Hebrew)

By joining our Language Programs, besides the classroom, you will get access to different conversation and cultural events designed to practice your skills and enjoy new communication opportunities.


A Cultural Mosaic.
Multi-Discipline Program.

Learning together and sharing food with a vast array of unique communities in Israel. Intercultural Encounters with Druze, Ahmadyia, Haredi Ultraorthodox, Samaritan, Ethiopian, Black Hebrew, and more.


The Non-Dual Way.
Narratives of Israel- Palestine Program.

For those who are open to exploring and engaging with complex and colorful realities.


Greetings from the future.
Sustainability and STEM Program.

Get inspired by exploring engineering and world-leading water and agriculture technology in Israel. This program is an experiential journey through history, culture, and innovation.


Walking The Spiritual Path.
Religion and Sociology Program. 

Explore the ways people have searched this land to wrestle with life's most profound questions. Join us as we study Kabbalah, Sufism, the Way of the Christian Mystics, and more.


Between Past and Future.
Arts and Design Program.

Engage with art from antiquity until today and tomorrow, by meeting experts, artists, and art schools around the land.


Engaging the past.
Archeology Program.

Exploring and experiencing Israel's history, culture, and land, all while participating in excavations, lectures, and unique excursions.

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