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We want our guests to feel welcomed, included and respected in a meaningful and secure program.


Our boutique approach is based on two decades of experience in the field and a genuine human capacity. We are customer oriented and enjoy every new program as a unique creation.

Added Value

Professional Support

Pre-arrival Training

Airport Transfers and Transportation Service

On-site Orientation

Quality medical insurance

Accommodation and Classrooms

On-site full-time personal support

Liaison between students and their academic local institutions

Meaningful Intercultural Encounters

Program Design,

Academic debriefings

Co-Curricular Program

Intercultural Tours

Support Program for Independent Students


Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of the participants is our number one priority.

The participants take a pre-arrival process with trainings and presentations to get familiar with the protocols, new technologies used for safety and with support strategies. This orientation will continue on-site with practical activities as situational awareness trainings.

Insurance for medical coverage abroad is available for all programs.

By choosing transportation, classrooms, and accommodation, we prioritize your health and safety, checking that the spaces are meeting the best cleaning and social distancing standards.


Our students are part of the OffWeGo application community. 

OffWeGo is a new platform where students engage and actively participate in reporting processes while traveling. That reduces the institutional & organizational risk by incentivizing students to report key travel data through social connection & community, comparison of resources, and proven gamification techniques. 



We embrace the concept of Mental Fitness and are here to offer every participant support accessing tools and services that enhance their mental fitness skills. Yoga, meditation and more tools are available and open for everyone during the program.


Food is a principal component of the participant's wellbeing and we take it seriously. Our students learn to understand food, to cook, to eat well and to enjoy it from the very beginning.


Accommodation & Meeting Rooms

We offer on-demand accommodation on-campus, hostels, hotels and private properties depending on the program needs.

Best meeting rooms and classrooms with open workspace concepts are available in all locations.


Pre- arrival Orientation

Designed to make the program experience as meaningful and educational as possible help students and faculties visualize themselves abroad and ask all the “uncomfortable” questions before arrival.


Our Five-Sessions Model is a powerful tool for cooperation with the institutions, recruiting, learning how to actively reflect on the impact of the program and building cultural intelligence.

interfaith study.jpg

On-site Orientation

Our On-site Orientation covers excursions, encounters and lectures where we focus on the participant's wellbeing and cultural literacy. Starting from a relaxed airport pick-up experience and up to orientation dinner, the students learn how to make the most of a safe and meaningful experience.


Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities that integrate experiential learning as a continuum of the classroom.

Activities such as volunteering, cooking classes, community and corporate visits, interfaith encounters, exploratory hiking, intercultural debates and more.

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